Take a look at some of our student entries...


My Environment

Ocean N

Winter Landscape

Isla B

Happy space environments

Stephanie C

our environment

Chris M

Bunjil Feather

Zoey L

Blue Peafowl

Nadia M

Beautiful Day at the Pond

Caia D

Rock Pools

Angus R

The floating island

Jasmine Z

Animals around us

Nakyra R


Milly Y

Yellow Bush

Lucas F

My environment

Alvis H

Sky city

Livia D

Sharing The Planet Silhouette

Maya P

My owls

Ari A

Purple crown fairywren

Juané v

Fire season

Annabeth S

Purple Park

Saffron M

Underwater mystery

Luke Y

The Beach

Ruby S

Asmira A

Under the Sea

Charlie C

My Environment

sargunjot K

A Minion Of The Environment

Miranda E

Rainbow Fish

Selena M

Zentangle Animal

Jessica H

Sally's bike

mia n

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Austine W

Ocean grove

Sadie S


Leo P

Taxidermy creature

Isabella N

Colourful Melbourne City

Lucas Z

The sweet little cottage

Ella B

Save our environment

Caleb S

Under the sea

Miller D


Skyla S

The Sunset

Yoyo C

Night Life

Elisha W

Mini Environment

Riley R


Ella C


Jaidyn P

Night Life

Chelsea C

Secret of the sea

Allycia T


Oscar W


Kingston T

Birds' Parade is such a Paradise

Oliver S

Under the Sea

Grace M

Beijing Streets

Elva S

My home decor

Melanie L

Category 1: Primary School (Foundation to Level 3)

Under the Sea

Nate L

peaceful ocean

Evan D

Holiday Harmony

Mark K


Hannah F


George Z

Kunanyi and Plover Egg

Raymond M


Angus R

Succulent windowsill

Artemii L

A trip to the desert

Ryan W

My backyard.

Alira G

My Bedroom

Nia Z


Jagger B


Skyla R

My Bedroom

Mia B


Izack W

Musical Hide And Seek with Brother

Eleanor S

Bilby Collage

Harriet E

My Neighbourhood

Daniel D


Zayne E

The tiger

Ronan K


Kira C

A rainbow of imagination

Ginger R

Kirsty R

My Wonderland

Mia L


Gwe Noe M

Zara Environment

Dylan T


Blake Y

My Environment

William T


Elliott L


Blake N

Sea Life

Lyra H

Taxidermy creature

Sophie F

Tulip in the shop, tulip in the garden

Mila H

The Zoo

Flynn L

I Love Australian Birds

Alexandra T

Banana Field

Jaxon M


Noxx B

My Environment

Reshaan D

My school environment

Esther T


Eli C


Daston L

African Survival

African Survival B

Taxidermy Creature

Milly A

Stars Above Uluṟu

Summer P

My Imagination - Magical Birds

Lily R

Mini Animal Park

Zac Z

Rainbow Fish

Selena M

Saving the future sea

Ivy s

A Tree with Lives

Fiona Z


Samraat S

Category 2: Primary School (Level 4 to Level 6)

Sweet bird

Tallara N

Imaginings in the Sea

Christian B


Elizabeth Y

over the fence

John D

Rocklands Sunrise

Rubi T

Nature’s Magic

Rhiannon A

Nature and Magic

Henry R

A COVID environment

Arkie W

Cheers to sunshine

Ruichi R

Greynurse Shark - A Critically Endangered Species

Dallas P

Digital World

Louis W

My Environment

Natalia G

Reading the Stars

Jade C

Tree of Life

Claire C

Blue waters

Ariel K

Imagined landscape

Dhiyan H

My bed/bedroom

Henri S

Margaret Preston inspired bush

Leanne N


Mia H

Bright on a Dark Day

Riley E


Callan B

Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Alyssa C

Cactus Country

Lexi K

Electric Dreams

Savannah A

The Seasons of Australia

Elif T

Change of the season

Sophie P


Ajay S

Beauty Of Autumn

Camilla B


Maryam J

Pokemon Sketch

Martin Y

Say to the world

Ethan L

Green eyes penguin

Lena A

Fruit Tingle

Indi V

The piano’s flower & The golden wattle

Linara D

Snow mountain by the river

Ryan L

My simple Aussie garden

Anasia E

my good environment and my bad environment

shihan c

Out to sea

Milla Y

Sunny Beach

Amelia C

My School

Breanna L

My favourite space

Gianluca M

Beautiful coastline

Daniel S

My Environment

Lucas M

Music in the sky

Ronan O

The Big Rainforest

Chiara C

My School

Max C

Forest Cabin

Max Z

Port Fairy Lighthouse

Amelie S


Luke H

My Environment

Maggie T

Category 3: Secondary School (Level 7 to Level 9)

Cosmic flowers

Kayla L

Tears of mother earth

Kaylee W

A Touch in the stars

Abigail C

Blinded by the blue ray

Maisie K

An artist’s corner

Evie M

The magic within

Aria D

Leaf a little

Alannah M


Chloe C

Deer Silhouette

Kaitlyn S

Groot the Succulent

Emily C

The last bit of nature

Zahra H


Queena K


Charlie D


Geet M

Acapella Street

Keyan A

My ocean; a mother, a refuge

Grace G

Slient Ocean

Shuyuan L

Mother Earth

Liv K


Jonah H

Environmentally Stained

Sofia P

Hide away

Imogen C

Bamboo forest

Adelyn N

Pond love

Sophie Z


Mei Z

Bird on Fire

Erin H

Our environment

Chanelle C

map of memories

Abigail K

Where the Road Leads

Natalie W

Friendly dinosaur

Lynda M

This Is Us

Isabella Z

Australian Beaches

Janel Y

My environment

Jaymz H

The Blue Bay

Lily B

Anime Girl

Ruby B

Winter Joy

Dulasni R

My County, My home

Chelsea H

Pines of Mount Gambier

Ruby S

Dreamer's Ground

Tu ( Tuwhakairiora) E

Just out the back door.

Regan E

Backyard Sunset

Angelica N

My vision

Charlotte R

Nature collage

Kaelyn F

Pink Galah perched

Raphaella H

Mirror Mirror

Layla R


Lucille S

My environment

Brenden D

Your whale, you will

Andy H

Green Gift

Ben M

Swan Lake

Beauta A

Ocean grove

Sadie S

Category 4: Secondary School (Level 10 to Level 12)

The Beauty of Life in a Bottle

Michelle K

Nature's Beauty

Michelle K

Bended Reality

Gwyneth Cassandra A

Greater glider homes

Scarlett K

The Grapevine

Hannah S


Rylee B

The life of desert

Nyckha S

Layers of Life

Dobi K

Middleton Rising

Valentina P


Niamh T

Bruny Island

Taylor W

Using shapes around us as an asset

Neerja S

Spring-time Lavender

sophie e

My Environment

Sophie A

Autumn road

Mary M

A Brighter Future

Jiamei L


Indigo G

From the Ocean

Allannah C

Yayoi Kusama's 'Obliteration Room' - Installation Art

Madeline C


Alaina J

The Environment

Tony S

The best of both worlds

Mailyna N

Green patch

India S

Kingston Trees

Ash B


Erica M

Nice Sunset

Sophia C

Untouched Beauty

Marcos N

A Glimpse to the Wonderland

Jemm B

Tessellated Pavements

Paige G

The Untouched Cup

Jasmin R

Ocean view

Addison P

Norah Head

Mia W


Aleara T

Bottled Creativity

Harry D

Magpie Singing

Ella T

Rural Home

Tony S

Flowing Forest

Hayley J


Shakeam S

Magpie Song

Ellie N

Watchful Kookaburra

Dana D


Meg G


Kelis P


Amelia T

Our self inflicted environment

Chloe K


Jack K

Embroidery through the Forest

Sophie O

Butterfly sketch

Pania B

Precious Blooms

Jacinta S

Gnome Totem

Janairra P

My Window of Procrastination

Aurelya T

Category 5: Special Education Primary (Foundation to Level 6)

A flower with shells

Ethan O

Symbolic Mural

Caroline Chisholm LSU S

Raining camp with my mum and dad

Ziqian (Dora) W

Riley's Dreamscape

Riley M

Tawny Frogmouth

Breanna M

A Galah

Ellie K

How much longer

Claire S

Bay of Fires

Pranita K

Feeding the baby

Novak n

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rafael S

Running Out of Time

Tadhg O

Up in the sky

James M


Baillie I

Spotted Ground Swift Spider

Luka B


Hudson c

Out in the garden

Aria T

The Earth's Surface

Riley M

Earth's Surface

Baillie I

Coral Reef

Ruben M

Coral Reef

Orlando D

Australian Landscape

Veer H

My View to the Blue Mountains

Jessica T

Sally's bike

mia n


Charlotte-Marie D


Christopher K

Sea life

Rhyn P

Bay of Fires

Dona D

Bay of Fires

Kaii W

The Earth's Surface

Ryan C

My Landscape

Tara M

Winter pots

Sasha E

My View to the Blue Mountains

Lucy M

Outback Road

Ray Z

The Earth's Surface

Mia N

The Last Post

Frederick P

Under the sea

Leo W

Vege Garden

Tiffany M


Sidney B

Ballooning over the Scenic Rim

Seth M

Cross Country

Novak n

Tabletop Coral

Nicholas N

Category 6: Special Education Secondary (Level 7 to Level 12)

The Journey

Zainab A

Nature wild life

Namisha S

Life at the beach

Aidan T


Isabelle C

My environment is important to my horse

Harriet W

Taken Hostage

Blake B

Gotta Love This City

Henry L

If I was a Pokémon

Rhys B


Kayla C

Celebrate Australia

Jones L


Daniel M

Tassie Fauna from the past

Hayden Baud B


hayley b

Stage Ready

Isla M

Camping in the mountains

Kai D

My starry nights

Xavier J

"From little things big things grow"

Fatima A

Rolling River Bridge

Zasz H

Number 64

Samuel B

Wall E

Matthew W

Cuddling Koalas

Rongrong S

Dog Therapy

Ashton M

Sydney Up In Lights

Timotius S

My Robot

Yassir M

Mr Higgles

George A

When The Afternoon Sun Hits The Bridge

Nini X

Beautiful Planes Landscape Tasmania

Amy B


Alanah H

Strong Dog

Sophie C

Soaring Through The Streets

Melissa H

Nala & I

Keira L

Night Life

Chelsea C

Vivid Sydney

Nicholas G

My Sydney Cityscape

Cooper J


Daniel R

Loud and Proud

Mehvish A

The Challenger

Zakk V

Under The Bridge Downtown

Jake G


Alexander N

Quokkas on the beach

Taj H


Gabriel G

The After Life Environment

Amber S

Floral Tranquillity

Sienna D

Bin Night

James G

The Wrestler

Alex B

Sydney Harbour

Keira K

My House

Amy Benjamin B

Walking Down George Street, Sydney

Toby B

Tassie Tiger Clone

Vincent S


Alana S