Take a look at some of our student entries...


Universal hot ballon

Dorothy C

My native turtle

Ellie K


Yumeth P


Mason M

Light show at Singapore Marina Bay Sands

Ethan X

In memory of the day

Rémi F

My Environment

Kokila P

The sunset

Mikael C


Hilary S

P is for Purification

Pinar E

Boardwalk Sunset

Phoeby J

Riley's Dreamscape

Riley M

Creative Space

Sarah H


Joey P

My Backyard

Liora Z


Joanne P

My Environment

Sanuki A

Stonehouse farm

Courtney S

Penguin Parade

Elsa X


Matin A

Sharing The Planet - Silhouette

Erin H

Sea Adventure

Elodie L

River side

Samyukta S

Untouched Beauty

Marcos N



A rainbow parrot in the forest

Yeonseo Esther S

Bushfire Terror

Marlinah C

The Cottage in the Woods

Abigail D

My Environment

Ocean N

Number 64

Samuel B

Golden Earth

Ryan H

By the Oceanfront

Ruby B

My Place - Signal Peak

Campbell L

Australian Bird

Anne B


Elliott L

There are two sides to happiness

Grace N


Mila H

Mother Nature

Ilaria F


Rubi T

My Environment

Mansikha M

Norah Head

Mia W

Rainbow Lorikeet

Adhavan K

Mushroom Cottage

Luna S

Landscape plaque

Ella M

My backyard.

Ben G

My Environment

Jitmanyu B

Our Bush

Sofia K

My Environment

Hannah d


Chelsea Z

Silver Moon Magic

Layla W

Category 1: Primary School (Foundation to Level 3)


Mackenzie M


Milly C

Best Friends

Aadit T

Olden Days

Tilly P

The Rivulet

Haidee S

My happy place

Elina D

Cat Stack

Harrison A

My environment- Water Cycle

Yehan A

My Wonderful Environment!

Harper P

My Bedroom

Mia B

Snake in the bush

Anna-Mae C

Super Crab


Tropical Paradise

Loretta D

Landscape plaque

Adrina T


Ella B

This is Me

Aaliyah P

Robot and animals

Reena D


Camille M

My backyard.

Franklin M

The Great Wave

Naya P

Me and my imagination friends

Adela L

Under the Sea

Nate L

peaceful ocean

Evan D

Ocean Dreaming

Matilda W

Dancing family

Olivia W




Elliott L

Fairies in the garden

Zoe R


Claire L


Richard W

Under the Sea

Elijah V



The Open Window

Amelia C


Indyana P

My backyard.

Alira G

Save Earth

Ayva B

Winter Bird

Joseph S

The George Peter Barry, TheTitanic Under the Sea and The Uluru.

Oliver S

Swan river sailboats

Claire C

My Environment

Rishika U

Landscape plaque

Ella M

Under the Sea

James V

Magnificat sea creatures

jessica q

My environment

Arya A

Taxidermy creature

Alexander Y

The Bloom of the Night Sky

Josh C

Uluru Landscape

Beren N

My computer room

Tristan B

A Beautiful Day

Aasmi C

My dream to live close to a river

Zaha A

Category 2: Primary School (Level 4 to Level 6)

Taxidermy creature

Summer E

Squeaky Beach

Ryan L

12 Apostles

Isabella P

Bellbird Park

Sarvani P

Fishy fun under the Sea

Nethum H

Digital nature

Lola P

My Em-vironment

Emily A

Botanic Art

Matilda D

Our community

Lejla I

Fairytale desk

Charlotte M

The Ocean's Cry

Surakshaa J


Vito S


Krisha S

Under the Sea

Paige C


Dyuthi D

Forest walk

Paige W


Zoe J

Swing on the Hills

Macie W

Lone Tree

Joseph S

Playful Days

Michaela G

Old Desert Ruin

Jasper R

Environment Turtle

Sophie P

My Calming Place

Tarnia R

Glimpse of my backyard through my eyes

Aaina S

Itachi anime vs realism

Moss A

Colours of a sunset

Lena A

Rainbow tie dye

Eliza T

My School

Susie C

Sun Rock

Adele B

Coral Reef

Lisa J

My Environment

Jasmine W

Sandy Sights

Tilly M

Sad turtle surrounded by plastic

Analeigh R

My favourite space

Gianluca M


Camille T

Heart of the Coral Reef

Billie S

Once upon a coconut

Irene R

Beautiful Australia

Katie P

I is for Iftar

Mysha H

Pink House

Julliana P

The sunset

Aleisha B

A mysteries beneath the water

Alyce Eunji L

Dark reflections of the light

William H

Rough Seas, Robe

Camilla E

Our Ocean home

Eddie F

Country creek

Gabby R

Taxidermy creature

Margaret T

Under the sea

Miller D

Parramatta Is My Home

Kaushik C

Sharing The Planet Silhouette

Beau L

Category 3: Secondary School (Level 7 to Level 9)

Save the Marine Life

Sahajveer S


Evangeline M

Mirror Plant

Brodie S

My environment

Brenda K

Rainy day

Claire M

Choose one for our future world

Vivian F

my world

chloe y


Lucille S

Stormy Dreamy Daze

Meera N

Vinny Angel

Claire M

Revolving door

Elise P

Silo Sunrise

Seanna C


Jessica L

Ancient Greek landscape

Emily B

Mother Nature

Abby N

Bejewelled tree

Jacinta S

Groot the Succulent

Emily C

Stormy ocean

Ace/Akira V

Mother Nature

Zarah A

The Spaces In-Between

Lucy L

A little Coop

Josiah D

My Happy Place

McKenzie W

Mother Earth

Liv K

Dbz nature

Milad A


Angela F

My environment

Jordan S

Mirror Mirror

Layla R

Memory trees

Saskia N

Winter Sun

Claire M

Banksian by the Banksia Tree

Amelia H

Blended Neighbourhood

May Tha J

Backyard Sunset

Angelica N

My Beautiful City

Insha M

Little environments

Maya L

Mirrored Landscape

Sienna O

Enduring and Timeless Love

Mary H

"The Environment of my MInd"

Amelia H

nature and me

Isabella W

River Light

Zoe P


Sophie E

Memento Mori

Lilly N

Murray Sunset National Park

Kristy H

Dancing with Nature

Isla d

A splash of magic

Sarah A

My vision

Charlotte R

Global Warming Crisis

Pahanya Kylie O


Isaac W

Sea Turtles

Emily R

Reaching the moon

Lucy W

One of a kind

Sarah A

Category 4: Secondary School (Level 10 to Level 12)

Layers of Life

Dobi K

Gnome Totem

Janairra P

Nature's punishment

Allan X

Happy Place

Jessie J

Banksia Seed Pod

Mia W


Shakeam S

Kingston Trees

Ash B

Balloons for Nana

Elizabeth V

A Starry City Riding Whale Tears

Riya B

Impressions of Melbourne

Sarah H

Embroidery through the Forest

Sophie O

Australian springtime

Joel S

The Party People

Zoe C

'Magpie Poetry'

Finn S

Crimson Rosella

Alexandra M


Jack K

Greater glider homes

Scarlett K

Banksia Seed Pod

Melissa V

Bottled Creativity

Harry D

Afternoon in the sun

Sarah B

From the Ocean

Allannah C


Niamh T

The life of desert

Nyckha S


Lachlan E

Atlas and Arlo

Kelsey H

A Brighter Future

Jiamei L

Blinding Lights

Farzam Z


Indigo G

Tessellated Pavements

Paige G

Magpie Song

Ellie N

island of peace's

BluGay M

Silo Sunset

Zoe M

Yayoi Kusama's 'Obliteration Room' - Installation Art

Madeline C

Untouched Beauty

Marcos N

The Untouched Cup

Jasmin R

View of Blue lotus water garden

Miranda H

The Life around life

India S

The Golden Ratio

Bella P

Bruny Island

Taylor W

The Calender

Seraphina Z

Still life artwork

Nardeen D

Rural Home

Tony S

Wisteria Blossom

Sevval E

The Walk Home

Emma H

Watchful Kookaburra

Dana D

My Window of Procrastination

Aurelya T

The green flower

Taylor S

2 Realms, 1 World

Harlene P

Nature's Beauty

Michelle K

Using shapes around us as an asset

Neerja S

Category 5: Special Education Primary (Foundation to Level 6)

Feeding the baby

Novak n

The Earth's Surface

Riley M

Outback Road

Ray Z

How much longer

Claire S

A flower with shells

Ethan O

The Earth's Surface

Mia N

My Landscape

Tara M

Tabletop Coral

Nicholas N

My View to the Blue Mountains

Jessica T

Bay of Fires

Kaii W

Up in the sky

James M

Sea life

Rhyn P

Out in the garden

Aria T

Bay of Fires

Dona D

Symbolic Mural

Caroline Chisholm LSU S

Australian Landscape

Veer H


Sidney B

Under the sea

Leo W

Earth's Surface

Baillie I

Tawny Frogmouth

Breanna M

Running Out of Time

Tadhg O


Hudson c

Sally's bike

mia n


Christopher K

Vege Garden

Tiffany M

Coral Reef

Ruben M

My View to the Blue Mountains

Lucy M

The Earth's Surface

Ryan C

Riley's Dreamscape

Riley M

Ballooning over the Scenic Rim

Seth M

Raining camp with my mum and dad

Ziqian (Dora) W

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rafael S


Charlotte-Marie D

The Last Post

Frederick P

Spotted Ground Swift Spider

Luka B

Cross Country

Novak n

Winter pots

Sasha E

Bay of Fires

Pranita K


Baillie I

A Galah

Ellie K

Coral Reef

Orlando D

Category 6: Special Education Secondary (Level 7 to Level 12)

Rolling River Bridge

Zasz H

My environment is important to my horse

Harriet W

Taken Hostage

Blake B


hayley b


Alanah H

Music Makes Me Lose My Soul

Ronakh P

Sydney Harbour

Keira K

Stage Ready

Isla M

Life at the beach

Aidan T

The Journey

Zainab A

Tassie Tiger Clone

Vincent S


Kayla C


Daniel M

"From little things big things grow"

Fatima A


Gabriel G

Nala & I

Keira L

Soaring Through The Streets

Melissa H

Floral Tranquillity

Sienna D

My starry nights

Xavier J

Camping in the mountains

Kai D

The After Life Environment

Amber S

My Beautiful City

Emma M

My Creepy Family of 5 Cats

Isabell M

Vivid Sydney

Nicholas G

My Sydney Cityscape

Cooper J

My Suburban House

Leah D

When The Afternoon Sun Hits The Bridge

Nini X

Dads love

Bianca G

The moon

Hannah T

Jelly fish

Emma- Leah L


Daniel R

The Challenger

Zakk V


Alana S

Tassie Fauna from the past

Hayden Baud B

The garden wakes up.

Anastasia J

The Wrestler

Alex B

Beautiful Planes Landscape Tasmania

Amy B

Beach holiday

Liam Y

City scene

Noah D

Sydney Vivid

Mustafa A

My Robot

Yassir M

If I was a Cartoon

Brady C

Nature wild life

Namisha S

Quokkas on the beach

Taj H

Walking Down George Street, Sydney

Toby B

Celebrate Australia

Jones L

Cuddling Koalas

Rongrong S

There are two sides to happiness

Grace N

Bin Night

James G


Isabelle C