Take a look at some of our student entries...


My Dream Cottage

Neve L


Paige M

Woman of Recyling

Amelia A


Sebastian B


Daniel M

The King Fisher's View

Miranda E

K-Pop Stage

Angel M


Mackenzie M

My Environment

Allira F

Pick up one by one

Julian C

Dance the Night Away Girl

Bonnie B


harleen c

The Bond Of Mother And Child

Marko E

Ayers Rock

Jack T

The quiet garden

Georgia H

Sapphire Pond

Kayla J

Taxidermy creature

Lola F

My Dog Freya

Aislinn N


Raphaella H

My environment

Amani I

Australia - Land of Parrots

Hermione M

Winter Whales

Lucy P


Marc J

The Great Wave

Frankie J


Claire C

A night at jetty road beach

Stella N

Cats at my place

Kyah K

Cat house

Avelyn H


Eva S

Reaching the moon

Lucy W

Happy Earth and Sad Earth

Bianca and Christina S

Wooditjup Bilya

Darcie J

The Nest

Riley F


olivia H

A walk in the forest

Chiara G

River side

Samyukta S

Zentangle Animal

Leanna H

My Environment

Aaranan S


Michelle P


Alanah U

Out of the world

Wenxi ( charlotte) M

Where visions come to life

Lucy M

Watercolour Floral Bookmark

Aisha K

Sunset Bay

Rumaysah R

Melbourne town hall

Henry Z


Tim Z

My backyard environment

Penelope S

My Robot

Yassir M

My Em-vironment

Emily A

The sea

Isabella N

Category 1: Primary School (Foundation to Level 3)

Light show at Singapore Marina Bay Sands

Ethan X


Aviva W

Bird dance party

Olivia B

Mini Environment

Maggie H

Fairies in the garden

Zoe R

Underwater Atlanta

Harriet S

Lake Scene

Kayan F


Stephy C


Frankie P

Forest with a fox

Grace W

The Midnight Reindeer

Amber T

Crab Under the Sea

Sienna H

Paddocks in Tasmania

Isabelle H

Heathcote House

Violet E

My Environment

Aattheesha S

My Favourite Place

Sammy M

A transparent umbrella in the water

Yuxuan G

The Beautiful Beach

Seinosuke N

Dancing family

Olivia W

peaceful ocean

Evan D


Declan E

Modern World

Audrina K

Cat house

Avelyn H

Sydney boat race

Alexis Z

House Sculpture

Lucas M

Canberra is Ngunnawal country

Leonor S

Cambodian Country

Ethan T

Outside the window

Catherine N

Super Crab


Recycling the environment

Iris F


Thomas C

My Backyard

Hayley K

Dance with sea creatures

Angela N

The Rainbow Garden

Zac B


Tony L

My Environment

Allira F


Hilary S

Sunsets over our farm

Emma E


Thomas B

Hiding in the Hills

Scarlett C

My Environment

Saheli E

Sunset Sky

Caitlin C

Pretty Person

Avery F

Under the Sea

Evie M


Tommy L

Too Many

Lincoln M

Vivid Sydney

Ziqi W

Landscape Plaque

Cora S

My computer room

Tristan B

Mini Environment

Ty H

Category 2: Primary School (Level 4 to Level 6)


Maxim Z

Australian Landcscape

Noor O

Hidden nature

Mackenzie F

Eastern Beach Portrait

Savannah A

Lovely Lab

Sienna P

Eagle at Sunset

Taylor G

Starry sky

Lucy S


Katie P


Leo P

My School

Lucas Y


Davin H

In the Galaxy Garden

Abby M

Night at the ravine

Siena B

The Palm Tree

Savanna P

Watching Whales at Sunset

Charlee P

Rainbow tie dye

Eliza T

Trial Bay

George L

The Spirit of Nature

Tori K


Lucy W

My place

Hannah Y

‘Colourful World’

Mya M

Taxidermy creature

Margaret T

Sydney Opera House

Cecilia S

The Morning Birds

Hayley C


Aditi P

Pete cromer collage

Subhagya P

catus family

ronni h

Lorikeet in the Valley

Emilia B

The difference

Raziel F

Little big world

Mia W

Garden Flowers

Lisa J

Home Sweet Home

Zihan (Emma) Z

The River Bend at Plenty River

Daniella T

A Whale of a Time

Ida B

The Octopus

Lillia B


Lily P

The unique bird

Elaine C

Budgies in love

Ella H

Summer sunset

Amber W

An animals paradise

Gracie S

My environment

Zoe G

Environment - stop chopping trees

Arsh A

Field of flowers

Allycia T

My gala tree

Emiliana K


Mia N

Beauty Of Autumn

Camilla B

Life and death

Akshara J

The Ocean's Cry

Surakshaa J


Olivia P

Dark reflections of the light

William H

Category 3: Secondary School (Level 7 to Level 9)

Protect Dolphins

Venus C

My environment

Penina P

Environmental Poster

Nikolas G

Save the earth

Runxi (Ryan) L

The Pond

Isla F

The Journey

Zainab A

Global Warming Crisis

Pahanya Kylie O

Polluted Oceans

jiayi f

A building in a jungle

Ellie L

Little environments

Maya L


Angela F

One of a kind

Sarah A

Moonlight flowers

Mackenzie H


Tegan M

Sea Turtles

Emily R

Study in Blue

Coco B

Memory trees

Saskia N


Geet M

Bamboo forest

Adelyn N

Potted plants

Adelyn N

Distant mountains

Samyukta S

God's Fireball

Barry J

My personal Universe

Robert- Daymon


Tilly G

Blended Neighbourhood

May Tha J

My Environment

Jiya T

Autumn leaves falling down

Amelia W

Aboriginal art piece

Charlotte B

New Year in Paris

Isabel H

Great Barrier Reef

Helen B

Hide away

Imogen C

This Is Us

Isabella Z

Moher Tou

Mena K

Seagull at the Beach

Euan F

Adventure Awaits

Ruby M

Pretty Flowers

Amelie S

Your whale, you will

Andy H

Puss Cat

Rosie M

Jellyfishing fun under the Sea

Hirun H

Environmentally Stained

Sofia P

Trapped in the Globe

Japneet K

Leaf a little

Alannah M

Forest Sanctuary

Mikayla T

Escape to nowhere

Alannah B

Lonely vs happy environment

Minsu Dashing K


Meg B

my world

chloe y

Mirror Plant

Brodie S

Deer Silhouette

Kaitlyn S

Vinny Angel

Claire M

Category 4: Secondary School (Level 10 to Level 12)

Plugged Environment

Matilda H


Niamh T

Impressions of Melbourne

Sarah H

Feeling safe

Ella C

My Environment

Sophie A

View of Blue lotus water garden

Miranda H

Yayoi Kusama's 'Obliteration Room' - Installation Art

Madeline C

Silo Sunset

Zoe M

Watching the sunset

Poppy S

Flower and Bird

Junya Z

Nature's punishment

Allan X

The Party People

Zoe C

Interwoven With Time

Lindy I

The life of desert

Nyckha S

Spring-time Lavender

sophie e

Balloons for Nana

Elizabeth V

Embroidery through the Forest

Sophie O

Creative Space

Sarah H

Journey's Over Time

Malia J

Night hunter

Abigail S

Fondale Marino

Piper O


Elise W

Afternoon in the sun

Sarah B

sea change

kyle s


Indigo G

Butterfly sketch

Pania B

Greater glider homes

Scarlett K

'Banksia Seed Pods'

Rhiannon D

Kenya Connections

Pranavi A


Braithan B

Still life artwork

Nardeen D

Crimson Rosella

Alexandra M

The best of both worlds

Mailyna N

Bended Reality

Gwyneth Cassandra A

Tree Lungs

Lara S

Two Blue Wren's

Phoenix L

The Kookaburra

Vicky T


Stephanie H

Layers of Life

Dobi K


Misaki M

Family Camps

Sherreece K

Afternoon in the sun

Sarah B

My Window of Procrastination

Aurelya T


Shakeam S


JoAnne W

'Everything Green'

Chantelle L

A Glimpse to the Wonderland

Jemm B

Windows on Melbourne

Kylie L

Magpie Song

Ellie N

Winter’s End

James Z

Category 5: Special Education Primary (Foundation to Level 6)

Under the sea

Leo W

Bay of Fires

Pranita K

Tawny Frogmouth

Breanna M

The Earth's Surface

Ryan C

My View to the Blue Mountains

Jessica T

Earth's Surface

Baillie I

Up in the sky

James M

Coral Reef

Orlando D

Australian Landscape

Veer H

My View to the Blue Mountains

Lucy M


Charlotte-Marie D

Raining camp with my mum and dad

Ziqian (Dora) W

The Earth's Surface

Riley M

Riley's Dreamscape

Riley M

Outback Road

Ray Z

A flower with shells

Ethan O

Cross Country

Novak n

Running Out of Time

Tadhg O

Sea life

Rhyn P


Sidney B

My Landscape

Tara M

The Last Post

Frederick P

Tabletop Coral

Nicholas N

Bay of Fires

Kaii W


Hudson c

Symbolic Mural

Caroline Chisholm LSU S

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rafael S

Spotted Ground Swift Spider

Luka B


Christopher K

Sally's bike

mia n


Baillie I

Winter pots

Sasha E

How much longer

Claire S

Out in the garden

Aria T

Feeding the baby

Novak n

A Galah

Ellie K

Ballooning over the Scenic Rim

Seth M

Vege Garden

Tiffany M

Bay of Fires

Dona D

The Earth's Surface

Mia N

Coral Reef

Ruben M

Category 6: Special Education Secondary (Level 7 to Level 12)

Bin Night

James G

Loud and Proud

Mehvish A

Sydney Harbour

Keira K

City scene

Noah D

Beautiful Planes Landscape Tasmania

Amy B


Alexander N

Walking Down George Street, Sydney

Toby B

Cuddling Koalas

Rongrong S

Camping in the mountains

Kai D

Quokkas on the beach

Taj H

My environment is important to my horse

Harriet W

My Dream Home

Callum R

The Challenger

Zakk V

Wall E

Matthew W

Tassie Fauna from the past

Hayden Baud B

Under The Bridge Downtown

Jake G

My Creepy Family of 5 Cats

Isabell M

If I was a Cartoon

Brady C


Daniel M

The Journey

Zainab A


Daniel R

The After Life Environment

Amber S


Gabriel G

Rolling River Bridge

Zasz H

Number 64

Samuel B

"From little things big things grow"

Fatima A

Floral Tranquillity

Sienna D


hayley b

Night Life

Chelsea C

Shine the lights

Declan L

Sydney Vivid

Mustafa A

Nala & I

Keira L

The moon

Hannah T


Isabelle C

Gotta Love This City

Henry L

Music Makes Me Lose My Soul

Ronakh P

Strong Dog

Sophie C

Undulating Hills Tasmania

Amelia Magrath M

Celebrate Australia

Jones L

There are two sides to happiness

Grace N


Kayla C

My Suburban House

Leah D

Tassie Tiger Clone

Vincent S

My starry nights

Xavier J

Jelly fish

Emma- Leah L

Nature wild life

Namisha S

My House

Amy Benjamin B

Dads love

Bianca G

My Sydney Cityscape

Cooper J

The Wrestler

Alex B