Take a look at some of our student entries...


Moon light mountains

Katelyn P

Acetate self portrait

Arvin M

The exploding tropical plant

Ellie C

Morning Green

Raene K

Bottled Greenhouse

Xiaoying C

Friendly dinosaur

Lynda M

Thinking about the future

Yayuan P

Family Camps

Sherreece K

Wake Up

Olivia D

Tornado Wonder

James W

My pet

Elvie D


Claire L

Mushroom Village

Saliha H

The animal Gallery

Ruo Yu F

The view

Shivashanmugam R

Sunshine Beach

Shirley X

Storm at School

Will T

Pokémon (Seadra)

Jasper H

A Little Girl among flowers

Cecilia S

Summer Sunset

Hayyan S

Precious Blooms

Jacinta S

Celebrate Australia

Jones L

Squeaky Beach

Ryan L


Lexi B

My Environment

Chelsea S

Environment beauty

Ellie K

The Miniature city of futuristic Melbourne

Keenan F

my colourful environment

zoe L

Peaceful dream

Asta D

Angels and Demons' World

Annis Zixi W


Claudia B

How Much More Can a Koala Bear?

Mia C

Power Plant

Amelia K


Kira C

The Lone Ghost Gum

Clara T

The cradle of human civilization

Dylan L

The last sunshine

Xander C


Daniel M

beautiful sunset

Romee L

Home Sweet Home

Nee Hser Ku P

My School, My Country

William M

Sharing The Planet Silhouette

Maya P

Bunjil’s aerial view over Country

Clara V

Squirrel Tree

Maggie P

This is my beautiful environment

Varshna J

Dolphins of the sea

Tegan C

Peacocks Dream

Jairann G

Home in the Ocean

Sophie G

Save the environment

Amber P

Flamingo at the beach

Trang D

Category 1: Primary School (Foundation to Level 3)

My Environment

Yevin A

Sea Reef

Wilfred H

Pink Garden

Abigail T

Feeling Flowers

Chloe M

Windy Winter Day

Beatrix B

My family environment

Primrose J

My Wonderland

Mia L

Mini Environment

Johnny P

Under the Sea Jellyfish

Sevannah R

Ngunnawal country

Shantini G

Save the Earth

Sreshta G

My environment

Kyra Y

My Environment

Saheli E

This is My Environment.

Dia I


Eli C

Honey Bee

Jaden L

Beautiful Beach

Arya G

Fantasy nature

Jeffrey Z

The Rainbow Community

Vanessa W

The cradle of human civilization

Dylan L

Day and Night

Samar A

Fly with Stars

Aiden C

The Fossils

Ancynya P

Roo in landscape

Neve G


Ashley J

Tree of Life

Charlie Y

Orange bellied parrot

Felicity E

Terence Tree House

Terence T

Mom and Me (I love my Mom) My Mom is my Super hero!

Aarav G

My swimming hole

Laker H

My world

Kimberley L

The nature around us

ziheng Z

Australian animals

Pranav P

Polar Bear By The Ice

Magnus T

The Old Gum Tree

Sterling M

giraffe Felix‘s world

Felix S


Daniel H

The Pinnacles

Mila V


Aria L

Best Friends

Aadit T

Olden Days

Tilly P

The lovely Variegated Fairy-wren

Abigail T

Kangaroo Apple

Sunday M

Mini Environment

Jay H

Daddy and me enjoying the nature while riding a boat

Sayul W

The world in my mind


Flower Person

Briea H


Alina W

Let's Live Together

Nevindu Shakya P

Landscape plaque

Teagan F

Category 2: Primary School (Level 4 to Level 6)

Playful Days

Michaela G

Part of human

Ethan N

Red tailed cockatoo

Srihan G

The change of time

William H


Eliza S

Our earth

Victoria W

Australian Landcscape

Noor O

Save My Environment

Rishab D

Daffodil Feilds

Hesara K

Save the environment

Harry B

Save the environment

Willa B

The Two Sides of Our Environment

Deepita R

My environment

Aaron X

Where they find fun

Dorothy C

Horizon of Orchids

Lucy N

Shoe of Colours

Ari T

Kookaburra Heaven

Ronan O

The lush town

Shane W

Toey the Toucan

Thomas G

At the beach

Dina C


Rayhan S

Free bird

Tonya Z

Animals drinking from the waterhole.

Carter M

My friends are butterflies

Sukh K

Taxidermy creature

Caleb F


Felix and Sam W

catus family

ronni h

A Forest Beyond My Imagination

Tiffany M

Brushing up on Animals "My Rabbit"

Aaniya F

This is my beautiful environment

Varshna J

My beach day

Amelia W

Peaceful Rosella

Brigid S


Josh R

Spreading happiness

Sarasi Nireka R

The coral reef

Oscar H

Sharing The Planet - Silhouette

Isabel P


Celina C

Bunjil Feather

Zoey L

Floating Island

Yi W


Kiara B

My Backyard

Sophia L

School Garden

Emily Z

What we see through nature

Sekne A

Wings of nature

Indi L

Wintery Night

Skye M

Calm Coastlines

Sam S

Mutant Lionfish

Isaac B

Lonely koala

Milla J


Ella C


Austin P

Category 3: Secondary School (Level 7 to Level 9)


Amelie S

Colours of life

Suda R

My environment

Ella P

Nature's beauty

Tomas A

The Stillness of the Bush

Henry P

My vineyard

Lucas T

My Environment

Bridget K

Circle of Life

Hayley S

The Risk

Ella M

Mushroom Village

Saliha H

Illustration of my backyard

Hope K

Rope Swing

Kaiya W

Dreamer's Ground

Tu ( Tuwhakairiora) E

Sunset Over Water

Amelie S

My environment

Jordan S

Red tailed Black Cockatoo

Constance K

Blended Neighbourhood

Cecilia T

The splattered flower

Abi N

Where the Road Leads

Natalie W

My treasured thoughts

Shontae R

The Secret Life Of Books

Ella M


Konstantin M


Jasmin M


harleen c


Skyla S


Tilly G

The Bond Of Mother And Child

Marko E

Mushroom Grotto

Anastasia P

The Great Ocean Road

Hashini S

Adventure Awaits

Ruby M

Silo Sunrise

Seanna C

Puss Cat

Rosie M

Bottled Greenhouse

Xiaoying C

Banksian by the Banksia Tree

Amelia H

Moher Tou

Mena K

Eternal Changing Environment

Anastasia k

Asmira A

My vision

Charlotte R

Aboriginal art piece

Charlotte B

my community

sophie t

Stormy ocean

Ace/Akira V

Murray Sunset National Park

Kristy H

Hide away

Imogen C


Angela F

Mirrored Landscape

Sienna O

Winter Joy

Dulasni R

Seagull at the Beach

Euan F

Sunset Lake

Lucy W

My Happy Place

Risheet M

The Pond

Isla F

Category 4: Secondary School (Level 10 to Level 12)

'Banksia Seed Pods'

Rhiannon D

Blinding Lights

Farzam Z

A Glimpse to the Wonderland

Jemm B


Meg G


Indigo G

Green Plant

Baxter A

Untouched Beauty

Marcos N

It’s time to go

Simon L

sea change

kyle s

Using shapes around us as an asset

Neerja S

Flower and Bird

Junya Z

‘From Little Things, Big Things Grow’

Elise H

Wisteria Blossom

Sevval E

Creative Clutter

Lili B

Where visions come to life

Lucy M

Interwoven With Time

Lindy I

'Everything Green'

Chantelle L

Family Camps

Sherreece K

World Of Pure Imagination

Rojina S

Feeling safe

Ella C

Setting Sun

Elizabeth W

Butterfly sketch

Pania B

The best of both worlds

Mailyna N

The Grapevine

Hannah S

Yayoi Kusama's 'Obliteration Room' - Installation Art

Madeline C

Fondale Marino

Piper O

The life of desert

Nyckha S


Ashleigh J

Greater glider homes

Scarlett K

Australian springtime

Joel S

Nature's punishment

Allan X

little person

molly c

The Golden Ratio

Bella P


Alaina J

Magpie Singing

Ella T

From the Ocean

Allannah C


Tahlia N

Watching the sunset

Poppy S

Hues of the Forest

Farha M


Kelis P

My Backyard

Liora Z

The Life around life

India S

Gnome Totem

Janairra P

A Brighter Future

Jiamei L

The Beauty of Life in a Bottle

Michelle K

Afternoon in the sun

Sarah B

Creative Space

Sarah H

Atlas and Arlo

Kelsey H


Tony S

Bottled Creativity

Harry D

Category 5: Special Education Primary (Foundation to Level 6)


Charlotte-Marie D

Tawny Frogmouth

Breanna M

Riley's Dreamscape

Riley M

The Earth's Surface

Mia N

Coral Reef

Ruben M

Under the sea

Leo W

The Last Post

Frederick P

Symbolic Mural

Caroline Chisholm LSU S

Winter pots

Sasha E

Up in the sky

James M

Cross Country

Novak n

How much longer

Claire S

Out in the garden

Aria T

Spotted Ground Swift Spider

Luka B

My View to the Blue Mountains

Lucy M

Running Out of Time

Tadhg O

A Galah

Ellie K

Bay of Fires

Pranita K

The Earth's Surface

Riley M


Hudson c


Sidney B


Baillie I

A flower with shells

Ethan O

Ballooning over the Scenic Rim

Seth M

Coral Reef

Orlando D

Bay of Fires

Kaii W

My View to the Blue Mountains

Jessica T

Tabletop Coral

Nicholas N

Bay of Fires

Dona D

Australian Landscape

Veer H

Sally's bike

mia n

My Landscape

Tara M

Sea life

Rhyn P

Raining camp with my mum and dad

Ziqian (Dora) W

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rafael S

Feeding the baby

Novak n


Christopher K

Vege Garden

Tiffany M

The Earth's Surface

Ryan C

Earth's Surface

Baillie I

Outback Road

Ray Z

Category 6: Special Education Secondary (Level 7 to Level 12)

Music Makes Me Lose My Soul

Ronakh P

Nala & I

Keira L

Sydney Harbour

Keira K

My Creepy Family of 5 Cats

Isabell M


Daniel M


hayley b

My Suburban House

Leah D

Beach holiday

Liam Y

Mr Higgles

George A

Dog Therapy

Ashton M

In the forest with Demon

Dennis C

If I was a Pokémon

Rhys B

Tassie Fauna from the past

Hayden Baud B

My starry nights

Xavier J


Isabelle C

Cuddling Koalas

Rongrong S


Gabriel G

The moon

Hannah T

Camping in the mountains

Kai D

My Sydney Cityscape

Cooper J

Walking Down George Street, Sydney

Toby B

Beautiful Planes Landscape Tasmania

Amy B

The garden wakes up.

Anastasia J

Undulating Hills Tasmania

Amelia Magrath M

Celebrate Australia

Jones L

Gotta Love This City

Henry L

Taken Hostage

Blake B

Sydney Up In Lights

Timotius S


Daniel R

Wall E

Matthew W


Kayla C

If I was a Cartoon

Brady C

"From little things big things grow"

Fatima A

Nature wild life

Namisha S

Night Life

Chelsea C

My Dream Home

Callum R

Dads love

Bianca G

There are two sides to happiness

Grace N

Shine the lights

Declan L

Bin Night

James G

Loud and Proud

Mehvish A


Alexander N

My Beautiful City

Emma M

My environment is important to my horse

Harriet W

My Robot

Yassir M

Vivid Sydney

Nicholas G

Soaring Through The Streets

Melissa H


Alanah H

Under The Bridge Downtown

Jake G

The After Life Environment

Amber S